What Sets Eight Apart

What Sets Eight Apart

Our vision for Eight was to create a holistic nutrition platform with a range of naturally boosted frozen meals that are not only time saving but also highly nutritious. We also offer a range of delicious recipes and workshops

The Great Eight 

Each of our recipes focuses on naturally boosting key nutrients to support specific health needs - our Great Eight. Each 'Great Eight' is marked on the pack with a sticker to help you. 

Our Great Eight are :-


Energy Levels



Brain Power 

Skin Glow

Women's Health 

Older People's Health 

The process

Our Nutritionist Jo selects the key nutrients she wants to prioritise, and Georgie sets about making it happen, creating recipes from scratch and trialling various secret additions. We combine both traditional and modern kitchen wisdom - with inspiration from both home & abroad - to ensure each dish tastes sublime and offers a serious nutrient punch. 

Locking in the goodness 

Our food is frozen as soon as it cooled, locking in the nutrients and preventing the need for pasteurisation which impacts the level and quality of vitamins and minerals in food, and eliminates the need to add undesirable artificial preservatives. Science tells us that frozen food is either as nutritious, or more so, that fresh food.  Freezing the food also eliminates the need for added preservatives (or even salt), so you can rest assured that there are no nasties in our meals.

We hope you enjoy eating our meals and recipes as much as we enjoy the process. 

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Georgie's Indulgent Chocolate Pudding

Georgie's Indulgent Chocolate Pudding

Lunchtime Layering

Lunchtime Layering