We help people see frozen in a new light. It’s not a shortcut... it’s an opportunity. To save you time, and to serve your family top quality, carefully selected ingredients. Ingredients whose health benefits have been frozen in time.

Every one of our meals begins as a mission – like, ‘let’s make the very best, tastiest meal imaginable, packed with natural ingredients that’ll help with ....’. Jo (our nutritionist) then lists all the most important, natural ingredients to consider, before Georgie (our Leith’s-trained chef) begins playing with recipes to incorporate pretty much all of these foods. The end result? Seriously delicious meals which really make a difference to the health and happiness of your whole family.

Our Story 

Having been friends for many years, Georgie contacted Jo for nutritional advice regarding her eldest son, hoping to bolster his immune system and reduce the constant coughs and colds. Jo gave Georgie a list of foods to include in his diet to boost his nutrition.

Georgie got busy in the kitchen creating delicious and nutritious recipes, which they collated on a blog (Cooking them Healthy). Their aim was to use easy-to-find, nourishing ingredients to create quick, uncomplicated and delicious recipes to benefit the whole family.

Hattie, a busy working mother, was struggling to keep up with home cooking and in quieter moments in between catering jobs asked her Top Hat chefs to create Georgie and Jo’s recipes and freeze them to ensure a constant supply of nutritious family food. 

The trio met up, combined their wisdom and created the perfect storm… Eight was born.

Why Eight?

Eight is a homophone (same pronunciation, different meaning) with 'ate' 

Eight dishes in our range 

Eight children between us

Eight areas of specific health focus recipes 

Eight is the symbol of harmony and balance

(in everything we make/do)

  • NATURAL – we never add anything that isn’t
  • INCLUSIVE – our look, language and meals are 
    for everyone
  • NUTRITIOUS – with a nutritionist at the helm, 
    we know (and share) our stuff
  • HELPFUL – we’re here to make your lives easier
  • UTTERLY DELICIOUS – we’re foodies, after all

… and we strive for EXCELLENCE in everything we do.