Women's Health Workshop 27th June 2020


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Hormone health provides the foundation of female wellbeing. Despite this many of us battle with symptoms believing them to be 'normal' or not severe enough to warrant a doctor's attention. Pain, discomfort and emotional imbalance should not be the norm, and there is a huge amount that can be done through nutrition, lifestyle tweaks & appropriate supplementation to optimise female health.

We will explore key foods to boost in your diet to help bring hormones into balance, foods to ease symptoms and foods to help energise and optimise your health.

Our Women's Health workshop is relevant for women of all ages, from teenagers to grandmothers. We will address the most common hormonal issues affecting women day to day, from the physiological impact of the daily frazzle, PMS symptoms, period issues & discomfort and peri-menopausal & menopausal symptoms and of course emotional wellbeing.

We will guide you through ways to make a positive impact to your health by easily including key foods, as well as providing plenty of lifestyle tips to ensure you are the best version of yourself :)

A delicious lunch & refreshments with be provided with recipe tasting throughout the day.

Location: Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire. 

10 - 2pm